Richard Earenfight


On the Path

After more than thirty-five years in the classroom I’ve traveled a long way down the road of understanding myself and others. The world of literature has been my companion, shaping me into the person I hope to become.

But before I stood in front of the chalk rail, I pursued a different path. Faith has always been a significant part of my life, and as a very young man I became a Dominican friar. As a monk, rigorous study and contemplative prayer put my feet on the road home. I took simple vows, but before taking solemn vows, I came to understand my vocation lay elsewhere.

Today I write about the road and where it takes us. Stories that matter, the ones that look at our flaws as we make sense of an imperfect world, the kind that help us along the way of perfection through charity.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and write every morning.