The Virgin’s Promise

You are worth more than all the stardust in the universe.

I introduced this truth to my students the first day of class every school year.

For the rest of us, we have to discover this through stories. One of my favorite kinds of story is The Virgin’s Promise. I didn’t discover it it. Kim Hudson did to describe the feminine equivalent to Christopher Vogler’s mythic structure, The Hero’s Journey. These two literary concepts share a large part of modern literary analysis.

My unpublished manuscript, Becoming Clare, is a feminine journey. I won’t go into detail about its stages, but I believe it well describes what a young person, man or woman, must undergo when stepping out from the family toward total love of God in cloistered silence. Believe me, this decision is not always met with support. It can take a family a while to accept and welcome such a choice, and soke never do. How sad.

What better character or story to capture this monomyth than a young woman searching for divine love, a kind of love that will transform her.

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