Moving Forward

Writing is about momentum.

A sailboat underway with wind in its sails does what it is designed to do. The streamline hull slices through water and the keel keeps the craft stable as it moves forward.

Forward movement defines both stories and sailboats. The wind that fills the sails can be seen not with eye, but in the billowing fabric that catches it. The ideas of a story are just as unseen and only visible to the heart.

Character choices reveal values. The heart can perceive them. The mind cannot. You see, values are not the products of our mind, but our hearts. Telling a story is less about what we think than how we feel.

Momentum is coming back to the page each day to see what decisions a character has made. Oh, you thought the writer creates the story? Not really. the writer only captures the decisions the characters have made. This makes the story move ahead.

That is momentum.

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