In the Vineyard

It’s one thing to look into the future with expectation and hope, but it’s another to plan for a desired outcome.

A recently acquired avocation of mine, winemaking, is an apt metaphor that captures this idea. A winemaker does more than crush grapes, ferment the juice, and enjoy the fruit of the labor.

Great wine involves a vision of what is possible. Much more than a craft, it is an art. The grapes that legendary winemakers in Napa, Sonoma, and Eastern Washington use are available to anyone wishing to purchase them. Vineyards grow grapes. Vinters make wine. They’re not the same thing. Of course, an estate wine is the product of both vineyard and vinter working closely together. The material is the same, whether it’s Rattlesnake Hills, Red Mountain, or Horse Heaven Hills. The winemaker creates the exceptional wine.

We call it ‘the recipe.’ A combination of the right ingredients and the imagination to blend or create something legendary.

Our lives are no different. Hence all the Biblical allusions.

What is possible? That’s pretty much up to us. We are the raw material. Our imaginations are the power.

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