Sometimes it’s just you against adversity. The torrent bears down and you face it with only providence at your side.

I have a long history with self-reliance. Emerson’s essay formed my early thinking. His pithy reflections went with me to college and shaped my habits. They were the bedrock of my scholarly endeavors. I was a mission unto myself, successful on my own terms.

Then I learned about providence, and I never looked at my actions the same. The idea that a spiritual guardianship and care enveloped my actions changed my relationship to everything I did.

I was no longer alone. A type of unity and shared purpose filled my actions. I still give 110% effort, but with greater peace. A sense of urgency fills me now as I endeavor to attain a newfound accountability. It is not a burden nor escape. It’s a mutual understanding akin to friendship, a type of wanting the same thing.

Why did it take so long?

One response to “Providence”

  1. Another poignant and thought-provoking post! One possible answer: It takes long perhaps because we’re created to strive until we have enough life experience to understand what we’ve been striving for all along.

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