Let me begin by saying I’m a ‘glass half full’ kind of person.

It’s important you know this before I continue.

I love thinking about forever.

Not everyone does. I get it. Remember the ‘glass half full’. That’s me.

It takes courage to admit that forever is pretty cool. Since I am not a courageous person (trust me, I’m not), I am amazed that it captivates me so much.

I’m not talking about eternity here. I looked up both words when I reflected on them. That’s the former monk that still lives in me–days and months spent just thinking about words.

God created us to share in his happiness. Forever is the romantic way to express this truth, don’t you agree? It poetically captures my heart. I feel kin to all my co-mates in exile.

Life is really tough in this imperfect world, so why would anyone want anything to last forever? But isn’t that what’s neat about us? We were made to be held, loved, cherished, desired. How could we not want that forever?

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