The Opposite Shore

November is about transformation.

Is it the Feast of All Saints at the beginning of the month that hearkens us to glory or the Feast of Christ the King that captures the end of all time? Both, probably, and all the days between.

To stand and look across at the opposite shore makes me yearn for what lies ahead. My favorite prayer during Compline, recited before going to bed, captures the sentiment with words of peace and consolation–Save us, Lord, while we are awake; protect us while we sleep; that awake we may keep watch with Christ and asleep rest in his peace.

The end of each day is the metaphor that reminds us of the end of our lives. To contemplate that moment gives perspective, one that keeps me honest and humble, one that brings me to the opposite shore.

November celebrates this truth. We long for immortality. What we receive is eternal life.

What a comforting thought.

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