The Door to Our Heart

How often do you open the door to your heart?

Who do you let in?

We are unique among all creation. Our hearts, created as they are, lie in our deepest self. That’s a very intimate place. That’s why there’s a door. We can keep it closed, not letting anyone in, but also not letting ourselves out.

It’s always a decision.

I’m not talking about the doors God opens and closes in our lives. I’m talking about the door to our hearts that we control. Who we let in and why.

The decisions we make in our hearts are fundamental. Foundational. Deep enough to affect our dreams. You see, the seat of the heart dwells deep in our conscience. That’s where life and death decisions are made. Oh, we fool ourselves all the time thinking we rarely make those types of decisions, but trust me, they occur more frequently than we think.


Who do we let into our hearts? Do they feel welcome? Will they return? What do they bring? What do we offer?

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