Vade Mecum

Travel with me.

In other words, vade mecum. Be at my side as my traveling companion. Talk to me, share your wisdom, sense of humor, thoughts, but most of all stay with me.

Imagine someone at your side when you begin a harrowing journey: Gandalf, Ron Weasley, Ponyboy Curtis. These and countless others in literature are the traveling companions we all hope for. They bring more than assistance, they bring friendship. They are there at the beginning of the story either tried-and-true when challenges arrive, or through chance and coincidence.

Almost like guardian angels sent to join us, their mysterious appearance at the appropriate time assures us that we are part of a larger family.

Look around at those who have joined your journey but you haven’t considered a traveling companion. I’m talking about all the influences in your life natural or mystical.

Invite them to join you; they may not realize what role they play in both your lives, but I assure you, as traveling companions, both of you have one thing in common.

Mutual love.

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