To Cross Over

Is there a tiny corner of the universe that hasn’t been touched by evil? Where death does not reside? Other than Heaven, I cannot imagine anywhere.

Frightening, isn’t it?

I understand the peculiar relationship between evil and death, and sadly enough, death’s necessity in a world where evil exists. Only in God’s wisdom can they both co-exist. There stands before me a chasm I cannot cross alone.

It is impossible for life to come from death.


The seed that falls to earth and dies so new life can arise is only for the plant world. Our bodies that become maggoty masses of putrid flesh full of stench upon death could never be the homes of eternal souls. The distance across the abyss of death is too great to hope for anything more.

Or so you would think.

Resurrection is an impossible dream. Even the Sadducees couldn’t imagine such an event. Incomprehensible.

So imagine Mary Magdalene’s experience on Easter morning and you’ll understand what love is.

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