What Was Intended

Was there ever a time evil did not exist in the world?

Apparently, yes. And it must have been glorious.

When I see incredible complexity designed with uncanny simplicity in the structure of leaves, or animal movements, the way the sky changes color on mountain meadows here in the Pacific Northwest, or the impossible way painters frame a visual perspective, I cannot think for a moment that this world wasn’t created for pure and innocent goodness.

Nothing that I see tells me evil was ever a part of the plan. Whomever created the splendor we behold intended a paradise for us, not the dimmed view of glory that we must struggle to see.

Goodness does exist and cannot be swept aside. We are called to dwell on what is honest and pure. When I ponder on what was intended, and work to build the kingdom to restore it, I know who I am.

2 responses to “What Was Intended”

    1. Yes! Those words have been in my mind all week.


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