After the Storm

We all suffer trials and know there is nothing sweeter than the end of the storm.

As a child, my greatest fear as the thunder crashed and the wind howled through window screens wasn’t so much enduring the havoc of the present, but the uncertainty of how much worse it could get not knowing the outcome. This made the sunlight and calming breezes at the end so sweet.

The uncertainty and doubt that come with frightening experiences test the faith we have in ourselves, especially our judgement. As if the external circumstances a storm brings aren’t enough, we must also contend with our own interior decisions which carry greater consequences.

While visiting my favorite shop in Kensington, Maryland this week, I came across a quote that sums it all up so eloquently: “I wish my life had a soundtrack, because then I’d know what’s going on.”

We want to understand the world and grasp the objects that fly about when the storm is fiercest. That is when we must hold fast to the stalwart pillar of trust.

And the foundation of that trust is faith.

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