A Ready Guest

A visitor’s arrival requires attention to detail. Think Abraham and Melchizedek, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, or your best friend.

But a ready guest brings even more!

You extend your best when someone calls, whether announced or serendipitous. A ready guest arrives with grace, regard, respect, and favor. This is one who can live in your heart. She comes not to take, but to give.

We host our guests in our homes The place where you live. Not the coffee shop, diner, or restaurant, but the intimate place you built. To have someone in your home is to extend a special welcome into your life.

Imagine your heart, the place where you dream, hope, and pray. What can a ready guest bring? Wonder and awe at the very least, and eternity at the most.

When the ready guest arrives, you have a lot to do, but what joy!

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