The Toilsome Path

Truth to tell: this world is not perfect. Banished from the Garden of Eden, we must toil.

Sure the Lord promises an easy yoke and a light burden, but keep in mind the promise of a yoke and a burden. The reality of being human sinks in at this point.

‘To make plain’ is to make an idea easy to perceive or understand. This involves a frank, honest revelation of the truth.

A little skin is required in this endeavor, so don’t expect to be carried on the path; you have to walk it. And this is where understanding comes in. Our path is an interior one that requires the slow, difficult work to love others without condition.

We want to understand the difficult twists and turns of the path in our heart, loving the ones who hurt us, the ones who ignore and abandon us.

You see, the steep slope we must climb in order to perfect our love invites us to give up. But a little knowledge and understanding lightens the load.

2 responses to “The Toilsome Path”

  1. Inspiring thoughts. Great image pairing, too!

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  2. Thanks! Just one of the themes that bubbles up in my weekly writing and prayers.

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