Enter the Courtyard with Song

Music in our wonderful Twenty-first Century is at our fingertips, whether it’s streamed through earbuds on the subway, wireless sound systems on our patios and hot tubs or media rooms that rival movie theaters. But to hear live music daily? That’s different Those who whistle are always ready to offer a tune, and to hum while making bread, repairing a washing machine, or soothing a child to sleep, fills our hearts with joy to the brim.

To fill a courtyard with song is an ancient pleasure. When we join others to rejoice or lament in unison, we move beyond having music ‘delivered’ to us to ‘offering’’ ourselves in song. We can even enter the courtyard alone with an almost silent song that wells up from sadness and pain, sung as we empty our hearts of grief.

We often think of our prayers as words sent aloft, but prayers that are sung have a sweetness and simplicity rising from the depths of our souls. No wonder there are one-hundred fifty Psalms in sacred scripture. Centuries of Gregorian chant that capture these songs sung in chapels today by men and women hold the same power over our hearts. When we seek a language and a way to praise, plead, or approach our Father, song is the one that captures our hearts the best.

We can join the songbirds and the rest of nature in a similar plaintive cry when we desire Him to be close to us in our joys and sorrows. The courtyard of his palace is a wonderful place to sing, don’t you think?

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