The Rain

Rain keeps me honest.

I could live the rest of my life without a day of rain.

And then it rains, and I know it’s something I need.

That’s how the necessary things operate. We forget about them, though they sustain us.

These tiny watch guards arrive as reminders that break up the long stretch of successful days filled with accomplishment and progress. The world slows down, we take a minute to reconsider and review, we draw up new plans.

On the next rainy day take a warm bath or a session in a hot tub. Then make a pot of tea and set aside time to do nothing. That is the moment the slate needs to be washed clean. Rain is good for that.

2 responses to “The Rain”

  1. I love rain, but it’s very difficult to set and do nothing …to me))) I should learn it.


    1. That’s ok! The rain will invite you.

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