Autumn Light

Look outside your window. Go for a walk. Sit on the park bench or the sand on the beach.

Isn’t the sunlight wonderful? Different from the languid, humid, heavy air of summer, the autumn light has a crisp clarity that announces truth.

That’s what Autumn is all about. It’s the season of reckoning. The harvest is in, the year’s work is complete. Before we enter the fell season of winter, it is time to make an account of what we have done, and we need the light that reveals the truth.

Nature has a way of speaking about the reality that surrounds us. Our religious faith goes back to time immemorial and remembers the eternal truths revealed about the state of human affairs.

And nature gladly obliges and helps us with the work to be done. So revel in the way nature sends us the message that there is a cosmos, an order, a reason for the way things are.

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