The midpoint of a long journey brings partial solace. Half the task still remains.

My experience mountaineering taught me that the majority of injuries occur on the descent. Hours of pounding the quadriceps coming down a glacier reveal how treacherous a simple fall can be with exhausted muscles.

So here I stand at Midwinter in the Pacific Northwest thinking about the Magi who paid homage to the Christ-child.

Epiphany was last Friday. We think of it as the end of the journey for the three kings who followed the star. The truth is, it was only the midpoint in their journey. They had to return home. We hear about some of their journey to Bethlehem, but the havoc wreaked after their arrival chills the blood.

Midwinter ushers in a silent time. One that demands watchful eyes and attentive hearts.

Ora Pro Nobis.

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