Reeds Do Bend

There is strength in flexibility. Aesop remarked on this paradox in his fable of the reed and the oak tree. His insight reveals the strength of the reed. Yes, the might oak is sturdy, strong, and tall, but the lowly reed survives the thrashing winds because it is pliant.

Don’t be confused here. The reed does not give up, nor make a compromise. It doesn’t forsake any virtues. It simply bends and lessens the brutal forces around it by remaining true to its nature, and its integrity allows it to respond to the entire environment.

Having observed Aikido masters display their skills, I’ve noticed they deflect the forces away and rise triumphantly.

We can do the same.

6 responses to “Reeds Do Bend”

  1. Is there another way? Even the oak has branches and leaves that bend and sway.

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    1. So true. Maybe it’s the trunk and roots. Thanks for the insight!


      1. Your analogy has deep roots, for sure! Love the contrast of reed and oak – just made me think that even the strongest must bend somehow (at times).

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      2. You are wonderful, Katie! You always make me think.

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  2. Thanks Richard – I needed this!



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  3. Joe,
    You are welcome! You have been a guide and brother for many years!


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