Sheer Silence

The desert beckons. Not because we desire it, but because it speaks to our heart. Whether it’s a table at a coffee shop or the counter at the diner, we know when it’s time to go deep into our soul.

This week I began writing the second novel in a series that I project will comprise four books. Whenever I start a new project, it’s as if I am entering Advent or Lent because I encounter myself anew. If you’re a potter, storyteller, composer, you know the feeling.


Now is the time of reflection as the world stands ready to be shaped, its contours examined, surprises exposed, and edges explored.

Outside, it’s still winter and the snow blows past on the back of the howling wind, but inside silence reigns as characters beckon to have their stories told.

2 responses to “Sheer Silence”

  1. Book 2? Nice! Enjoy the journey (I’m sure it will get a bit ‘noisy’ soon enough).


  2. Yes! Those characters are so demanding!


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