After the Fall

We all make mistakes, Our hearts are duplicitous. We want what we shouldn’t and our hearts are divided.

That sums up the human condition.

We are an amalgam of imperfectability.


That is a not a cry of pessimism or defeat.

It simply means that sometimes we fall down. What we do after the fall is crucial. We wait and rest. We think and consider. We get up.

You see, the road home is just that–a road. Moving forward requires reflection and repentance, but it does not require wallowing in despair and misery. That is the opposite of getting up. You have to sit to wallow.

Easter is two weeks away. There’s a lot of failure and misery to meditate on for the next fourteen days. I found out as a monk it wasn’t profitable to put my energy there. That’s called living in a tomb.

You don’t think the creator of the universe knows our faults?

Pick up your staff and sing. It makes it easier to get started on the road again.

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