If you’re a person who gives beyond yourself to others, I have a question for you.

How well do you receive?

Take a moment and think: giving and receiving are two ends of the same stick. When we give, we feel joy and control. We choose when to offer goodness, how the presentation will occur, even where.

The other end of the stick is a different matter. Humility rules here–as if humility can rule anything. Now we are vulnerable. Often we hide our emotions for fear of revealing the truth of what we are. Imagine how threatening that is. Nowhere to hide, we dread expressing a response that hurts or demeans the other person. Saying ‘no’ to a marriage proposal is about as close as it gets to this kind of humility. To refuse another person’s gift of self is high stakes.

Goodness comes our way because we live in a world ruled by providence. Yes, horrible, hurtful acts occur. But there is beauty in the awkward, unexpected moments when something truly wonderful happens. When it does, take a deep breath, remain calm, and be patient. Respect what’s happening.

You can always rejoice later..

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